Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank you Debbie!

Look what Debbie surprised me with yesterday...

A pop up book of celebrity meltdowns! Brilliant! Here are some of my favorites..

Much like the actual event, you sort of have to go in there and purposely fish out Janet's boob but the effect is worth it.

A dangling baby really shouldn't amuse me but boy does it. I'm pretty sure Deb knew it would and I love her for it.

OJ's car chase pops up well and you can pull the tab and see the cars slowly make their way down the freeway.

I just like the helicopter.

There's a great pop up of Kate Moss doing lines and when you pull the tab she does the line and the line disappears. Genius! I'll work on getting some video because I know you're just dying to see it.

Thank you Debbie! I love my twisted pop up book!