Sunday, February 15, 2009


Friday night Jim and I went to the city to see Cinematic Titanic, a live performance from the creators of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It was so good to see Joel! The premise is very similar to MST3K, making bad movies better through humorous riffing. I've just missed catching up with their appearances over the course of a year so it great to not only see their show but find Joel and Trace standing in the lobby when we got their. They were so nice and friendly! Love them!

The movie of the evening was the 1970s flick Blood of the Vampires and it really was a stinker.

(Step aside Science, it's time to let Superstition do it's job)

Considering how out in the open they were for their audience and also considering how close I was to them, it's amazing how big I failed on taking any decent pictures. I was too giddy being so close. So, here are the two best. I need to step it up next time. But I got to talk to 'em, awesome!

TV's Frank! (And Trace and J. Elvis)

Come back again soon guys!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I haven't forgotten....

To all you friends and Lost fans...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day Poohie!

This has always been our song.

I love you Baby!

You're the greatest husband in the world! All other husbands are number 2 or higher!

Monday, February 9, 2009

At the movies...

Jim is a big Neil Gaiman fan and recently read Coraline. Saturday we saw a commercial for the new Coraline movie and he announced how he must see it the theater. I said, hey, how about we go Sunday? He perked up, his eyes twinkled and he said "okay!". He may have even giggled a little, I'm not sure though. So off to the movies we went!

Jimmy's happy!

The 3D was just fantastic! It's a great story and beautifully done. Well worth the price of admission. They charged $2.50 for the glasses and I got a good laugh when the screen asked us to "Be Green! Recycle your glasses by dropping them off on your way out of the theater". Yeah, so you can resell them for another $2.50? I don't think so. I will recycle these though, I'll use them the next time there's a 3D movie. But I would recommend you catch the 3D version of Coraline, it was really good.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Friday!

This is outside my house right now.
And it arches across the whole sky!

See, rain ain't so bad.

Well, I guess one is better than nothing

I'm beyond pissed! I was online the second that my FOTC tickets went on sale and still wasn't able to get 2 tickets. I was able to buy one. ONE! So I'm going alone it seems. This is bullshit! Total bullshit! I know right now there are hundreds of tickets on sale at the resale sights for like 4 times the amount and that's just bullshit. You shouldn't have to pay these inflated prices to see show. I don't believe for a second that the show sold out in 5 seconds. There is "presale" but what the fuck is that? Tickets should only go on sale when they go on sale and there has to be a way to keep folks from buying in bulk and profiting from selling them at a resale sight. They had just better be grateful I was able to get the one or there would have been hell on earth.
You suck Ticketmaster!

I better get my tickets!

Twice now I've been denied tickets to the Flight of the Conchords. Sure, I could have gone to Stubhub or whatever and paid heavily inflated prices but I decided to protest that theivery. Tickets were supposed to go on sale at 10am (per the Ticketmaster site) and when I refereshed just before 10, the release time had been changed to 12. Grrrr!

If I don't get these tickets today, you catch bet your backside I'll be appearing on the news tonight!
"Crazy lady takes baseball bat to Ticketmaster office. "
Wish me (and Ticketmaster) luck!