Friday, June 19, 2009

Now we're talking fun hats!

Let the fun begin!

These gals look sweet.

Is this even a hat?

Heh heh, Conehead!

Pretty and convenient when gardening.


This one is fun and it has my initials so of course I love it.

This hat is just ducky!

I really like the pink hat.

This hat isn't too funky but it is really pretty.


Well themed.

I like it, this is kooky fun.

This one looks inspired by Tim Burton. Jack Skellington should be walking along the top.

Meh, nice enough.

A very chic propeller head.

Fuschia feathers? You know I really want this one!

Very pretty!

Here's a nice spring explosion.

A bit Barbie-ish but pretty.

Hmm, um, feathery!

Really feathery!

Um, yeah.

I could find some place to wear this I'm sure. So cute!

Where's the White King? (Fusies may get that one)
I'm thinking next year I should throw an Ascot Party. That would be a hoot!

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