Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh my gawd, shoes!

Lora and I threw a shoe party at my place. It was a lot of fun being surrounded by so many shoes, purses and sunglasses I must say. I was a bit disappointed by the shoe portion of the shoe party, there were only a couple of pairs I thought were cute and wearable but they didn't have them in my size, I have a nice wide foot and most of their shoes were very narrow. C'est la vie. But the purses, oh the purses were just lovely!

Sadly they only had one of each bag so if you liked one you had to grab it, there was no thinking about it. I grabbed two Dolce and Gabbana bags and a pair of sunglasses, knock offs I would have to assume but that's okay, I love 'em!

Mama's got a brand new bag!
I just had to go shopping yesterday and get a couple of things that go with my awesome new purses as I do like to coordinate.

Dora picked up this cute little pair of heels.

Lora wears the Hoochie Heels she bought, that's what she's calling them anyway. They'll go great with any little black dress.

This was the biggest zipper pull Debbie and I have ever seen. My condolensces to the lady with fingers thick and round enough to require a hole that big.

Grace seemed to be having a good time modeling the bags and sunglasses for us. You had better grab a bat and start to worry Shawn, you're going to be chasing off those boys pretty soon! The girl can really work it for such a young little thing.

Just a picture of the food but I would like you to take notice of the adorable shoe cookies I made. They're so very!

The original plan was to make sugar cookies and snaz them up with icing but I'm too slow and it would have taken forever to decorate that many cookies and me being me, I had a lot of house cleaning to do so I went with the Rosemary Pecan shortbread instead. Still cute.

This cute pic of Dora and Heather seems a good way to end the party post.


Kitt said...

Fun party! Cute cookies!

Dee said...

Oh thank you! Gees, you really surprised me, I'm still fine tuning this post.