Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beware of Willows after dark!

Jim spent the weekend in Willows doing an engine swap on the race car. Apparently the guy (Alan I think) wanted to wrap it up before dark because once the sun goes down the mosquitos are all over you like sequins on a drag queen.

They wrapped up fairly soon after dark but Jim still has two legs lousy with mosquito bites. They're looking worse now than they did Sunday. So he shows me his legs and I say "Oh, let me get a picture" to which he replies, "No". I say "Come on, you look awful, let me take a picture" and he says "No, get away from me with that camera". I know, can you believe the nerve? So since he wouldn't let me take a picture, I'm using this photo I found online in a dramatic recreation.

(In the interest of decency I've covered his special area with a picture of our Commander in Chief. (Cover one with one, ha!)

Apparently this poor guy got bit by the wrong mosquito. Use your bug spray honey! Niether of us want this to happen to you!


Kitt said...


Hate mosquitoes. Hate them.

Dee said...

Oh me too! They're the one living thing I take great pleasure in killing.