Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buen retén Abuela!

My coworker Martha is a Grandma again and she will never forget the birth of this grandbaby. See, she had to deliver him herself in the back seat of her Tahoe. ¡oh mi Dios!
I haven't heard the whole story from her yet, but was told that they got lost on the way to hospital and the baby wasn't waiting so she pulled over and called 911. They told her to give Andrea a pillow and she's told them all she had was her sweater. They tell her to put that under Andrea's head. Done. So then they ask her if she has any towels and she says "no, I'm in my car". They tell her she needs something to catch the baby in, so she took her sweater back and used it to catch the baby. Oh poor Martha, she must have been beside herself. But great job Abuela!

(He looks upside down but this is the pic she sent )

Little Gabriel Angel Lopez

Born: December 7, 2008 Weight: 5 lbs 15oz Length: 18½ inches

Place of birth: off Highway 99 South in 2003 Chevy Tahoe

Time of birth: Approx. 2:35pm Delivered by: Grandma-Martha Cruz

Proud Mother: Andrea Lopez Proud Grandparents: Irineo and Martha

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