Sunday, December 7, 2008

A quick bit of filler

Yes, I've been very bad about blogging, I know. It's the holidays, I just can't concentrate. So in the interests of getting something new up, I'm posting a couple of dress that I am just loving.

Victoria Beckham is like Liverwurst for me, something I assumed I would never like in my lifetime, but it's growing on me and I'm surprised that I actually like it. I love this dress! Fabulous! And with the gloves, love it. Just love it.

I can't imagine there is even the smallest level of comfort here but dammit these are wicked hot pumps.

Maybe it's unfair to put a Lily Allen pic after Posh because anyone is going to look hip-ie next to her but women have and should have curves to here it goes.

I love this little wintery number, very cute!

And almost the same wicked hot pumps.

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