Monday, February 9, 2009

At the movies...

Jim is a big Neil Gaiman fan and recently read Coraline. Saturday we saw a commercial for the new Coraline movie and he announced how he must see it the theater. I said, hey, how about we go Sunday? He perked up, his eyes twinkled and he said "okay!". He may have even giggled a little, I'm not sure though. So off to the movies we went!

Jimmy's happy!

The 3D was just fantastic! It's a great story and beautifully done. Well worth the price of admission. They charged $2.50 for the glasses and I got a good laugh when the screen asked us to "Be Green! Recycle your glasses by dropping them off on your way out of the theater". Yeah, so you can resell them for another $2.50? I don't think so. I will recycle these though, I'll use them the next time there's a 3D movie. But I would recommend you catch the 3D version of Coraline, it was really good.

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