Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, I guess one is better than nothing

I'm beyond pissed! I was online the second that my FOTC tickets went on sale and still wasn't able to get 2 tickets. I was able to buy one. ONE! So I'm going alone it seems. This is bullshit! Total bullshit! I know right now there are hundreds of tickets on sale at the resale sights for like 4 times the amount and that's just bullshit. You shouldn't have to pay these inflated prices to see show. I don't believe for a second that the show sold out in 5 seconds. There is "presale" but what the fuck is that? Tickets should only go on sale when they go on sale and there has to be a way to keep folks from buying in bulk and profiting from selling them at a resale sight. They had just better be grateful I was able to get the one or there would have been hell on earth.
You suck Ticketmaster!


Kitt said...

Bastards! That sucks.

Deneph said...

Yes it does! Thieving, no good so and sos!

pinkflamingoes said...

I've ranted it once and I'll rant it again: If Bill Graham knew what Ticketmaster was doing he'd roll over in his grave.

~ I'm subscribing to you with my feedreader, pithy comments readily available.

Capcha: "bugag"

Deneph said...

Hello pinkflamingoes! I'll try to keep it interesting. No promises. :o)