Thursday, April 16, 2009

I met Lost people!

So, I went to the Lost Weekend Fan Event at the beginning of the month and was pleasantly suprised to find out that some of the actors and creators were making appearances. Hee hee!

Sam Anderson who portrays Bernard. I feel a bit guilty, Sam came up and gave me a big hug thinking I was someone else. I apologized for not being who he thought I was but thanked him for the warm greeting. I must have really looked like this person because a couple of the creators said Hi and asked me how I was doing thinking I was this person as well. If I ever get to meet Desmond, I hope he knows this person and wants to her a big ol' hug. Oh please oh please!

Sterling Beaumon, he plays young Ben. This kid was too adorable! He was having a good time basking in all the attention. He really made the whole evening fun. He gets extra points for selecting my raffle tickets.

Andrea Gabriel who plays Nadia.
(The photo is cropped because next to this skinny, young thing I looked like a sausage in a cocktail dress. )

On the left, Adetokumboh McCormack who plays Yemi and on the right, Sterling. Happy fan in the center.

I won the autographed Hurley doll in the silent auction. I got Jack-jacked at the last second. Grrrr.

My major awards. I won the photo as a door prize and won the two tees signed by Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia in the raffle.

I have to admit that my photography that weekend just stunk up the place. I really didn't capture anyone in a very flattering way. I'll have to do better next time. Anyway, it was a really fun weekend, I'm so going next year!


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I'm so glad you had a good time. Your pictures look just fine. They show you smiling! Congrats on your winnings, have you come down from cloud nine, yet?

Kitt said...

Wow, you really are a Lost fan!

Denise said...

Yeah, I'm about back on earth after my fangirl happiness fest. It was a lot of fun.

Yes Kitt, I've sent the universe an apology about things I've said about Trekkies, I get it now and just embrace it.