Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Diego Comicon - July 25th, 2008

I started to post more pics of Alaska, but Juneau will have to wait for a day I don't have anything else to post. I'm over Alaska and still feeling the afterglow of Comicon. Jim, Debbie Chuck and I flew down to San Diego for the day to attend. This event is a madhouse people! I've never been so exhausted from doing so little. Really, all I did was stand in line, sit a bit and then mosey around and do some shopping. I've spent countless hours (years in fact) training for this very thing at malls and shopping districts that I should have been in Olympic form for it, but damn it kicked my butt. It was one of the more pleasurable butt kickings I've had though.

The high point of the event was also the low point for me. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz writer and star Simon Pegg (love him!) was there to discuss his BBC show Spaced, which was just now being released on DVD (rent it, it's funny!). The panel was very enjoyable, video to come if I ever learn how to upload. At the end there was an announcement that he would be signing autographs in autograph area 6. Woohoo! I'm getting Simon Pegg's autograph! DENIED! After finding area six and getting in a line that stretched all the way back to Terre Haute, I overhear (after about 15 minutes of standing there) that you need a special orange ticket (that you had to "win" in some lottery earlier that morning) in order to get an autograph. WTF? I confirm this with the official looking woman guiding people around to Terre Haute. Needless to say I was crushed. I debated staying in line but did I want to wait for an hour or four only to be shooed away? No, I did not. I noticed he was standing in front of a window so I made my way around and managed to get about 3 feet from him.

Simon (in hat), so...very...close!

Now, I was wearing a teeshirt, that's a fansite of his, that I bought to endear myself to him should I get within distance. He's 3 feet away and the only thing seperating us is some clear glass. I thought "Okay, I press my chest up against this glass so he can notice my 'devotion' and then pound like hell on the window. He'll have to turn and see me. If I can't get an autograph, maybe I can get a wave." and I sure as hell would have done it if Jim had not found me at that moment. I must be maturing because I just couldn't do it with him staring at me. Maturing sucks! So I did nothing and we left and went to the Showrunner's panel.
I'm sure I'll regret it always.

This kid was just ahead of me in line and he too was heartbroken to find out you needed to win a ticket. Poor kid was dressed like Shaun and everything! He even remembered the red pen. How could they not let him get an autograph?

Here are some folks in costume...

~ Stormtrooper Elvis!~

Me mocking a non-Elvis stormtrooper.

Deb and I talked a bit of smack about half naked girl here, but if I'm honest I have to admit that if my ass looked like that I'd wear that costume too, every day.

Jim and his hat love Slave Labor Graphics! Sadly, when he got Jhonen Vasquez' autograph I was at the Spaced panel with our camera so he wasn't able to get a photo.

Season 4 coming soon to DVD!

The Dharma Initiative was booked for the day so I wasn't able to take the assessment test. (pout)

Seth "Scott Evil" Green himself was there. He's much taller in person.

It's the new "Pull my finger" Darth Vader!

Tura Santana from the Russ Meyer film "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Debbie and I happened to see her a year or two ago when she was celebrating her birthday at Forbidden Island.


Kitt said...

Wow. I'm exhausted just reading your post about it.

Dee said...

It was crazy and yet we're planning on doing the entire weekend next year. I guess sometimes you have to suffer a bit for a good time.