Thursday, September 25, 2008

DWTS - What the hell man?

Dancing with the Stars began it's new season this week and we were told that two stars would be going home. Well they kicked off the two people I voted for and I'm quite put out about it.

Jeffrey Ross was the first to be let go on Tuesday night

Jeffrey Ross wasn't the best dancer but he was trying hard and even took a finger to the eye from his partner (hence the eye patch), also he's a comedian and I love comedians and was looking forward to his sticking around for at least a couple of weeks.

Ted McGinley was next, let go on Wednesday night...

I thought Ted was off to a pretty good start, he wasn't the best dancer but he did a pretty decent job and looked pretty dashing at that. So much for the every day guy on the dance floor.

So as it stands the season is ruined for me, I just don't care much for the other contestants. While I love Cloris Leachman and am rooting for her, I don't see her winning. Her lovable antics are going to get tired soon though I do enjoy the crap she gives the to judges. I guess I'll tune in (and probably fast forward a lot of) the rest of the season until Cloris finally goes home as she's the only good thing left. Or maybe I'll start another book.

Oh, and Susan Lucci, please listen to Carrie Ann! A cheeseburger will only do you some good.

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