Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget!

I had the honor of being the first voter at my polling place, that's always fun. It's like the third time now. Normally it's me and two other gentleman waiting to get in but there were about 30 people waiting to get in by the time I was leaving. Wonderful!
Don't forget to vote people!


Krissi said...

Right on, Sister! We got out and voted - there was actually a LINE for the first time I can ever remember. It was truly awesome.

To make it better, I pissed someone off in line who was clearly voting no on 2 and yes on 4 & 8 (there were 4 of us voting the other way).

Denise said...

I hate that person and am delighted you pissed them off. People are so mean!

Yeah, it was nice seeing people interested in voting.