Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kids, it doesn't pay to cheat!

And I didn't cheat nearly as much as I could have.
For those who aren't aware, the creators of Lost started an ARG at Comicon that involved reinstituting the Dharma Initiative and recruiting new members. Once a week a new test would be given to folks who signed up and each week you would be placed in a new group. Well there are some lovely Lost fans who pick apart every single aspect of this show right down to the source code in the show's ARG and these same lovely people discovered that there were cheats for every test. Sadly, I have to admit that I did use the cheat on the second test but that was it, I decided to play it straight the rest of the time. The last test was not a test at all but a video telling us that the cheats had been included purposefully because they were testing for honesty through out the whole game. Crap! Recruits were then grouped into either White Swan (didn't use cheat) or Black Swan (did use cheat, i.e. Me). The game ended a few weeks ago and nothing was expected to happen for another month or so, but this morning we received an email telling us that the results were in.
(To read the email go here....
http://www.tinyurl.com/6nd38m it's funny little read)

I have been designated as a Proof Reader. Doesn't sound all that bad considering Carol was given the task of Brick Layer. Debbie was given Gardener and she never even bothered to take the last 3 or 4 tests.

Wow, do they ding you for cheating or what? If I hadn't cheated, I might have been a Psychologist. Hey, ya never know. Man, looking at this brings back report card memories and I've worked hard to repress those.

Those who submitted their own questions were given DI Instructor t-shirts. (damn, why didn't I send in a question?)

I can't say that was the most exciting game they've helped us kill time with but still a good time was had. I can't to see what, if anything, it all means.

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