Saturday, November 8, 2008

Great party Dora!

Dora threw a wonderful party today! She invited her artistic friends to display their wares and her shoptistic friends to come browse and purchase. Is that a great idea for a party or what?

Dora threw an awesome art party today!

Nicolette's jewelry

There were plenty of yummy snacks!

I bought one of Glenda's hanging pots for a certain mother-in-law. There's one Christmas present down!

Loved these little spirit houses!
(Damn my empty checking account!)

Picked up this Matisse inspired vase for myself, it looks really cute in the kitchen. We're calling it the booby vase, much to the chagrin of the artist. We love the booby vase though.

Ned really needed to send along more of his glassware, his work was lovely!

I can't even fathom how much work Shirley put into these bracelets and anklets. She made them all by hand.

I've told Dora she should throw another party of this type, during the summer on a bright sunny day. I know some people who may be interested in just such a party. (Yes Debbie and Krissi, I'm talking to you! )

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