Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Chef - L'Italia batte la concorrenza

I'm not sure if my mother is watching this season but I do know that today she's feeling happy and proud even if she doesn't know why. Fabio won last night's Top Chef Challenge! Viva Italia!
They started with a Quick Fire Hot Dog Challenge and frankly (get it!) none of the dogs looked that appetizing, espcially Eugene's sushi hot dog. Radikha's Indian Kabob style dog won the Quick Fire and thus immunity, which helped save her bacon this go round.

For the Elimination Challenge, contestants were given access to Master Colicchio's kitchen at his restaurant Craft and each were to create one dish that would be served to New York chefs who had tried out and failed to be on the show. Contestants really needed their dishes to complement bitter if they wanted to be successful and most were not, successful that is. This season's contestants don't seem that up to the challenge. I mean, they were able to make whatever they wanted without restrictions and most still failed to please. That's not a good sign.
Jamie from San Francisco did well though! Go SF!
Ariane made a Lemon Meringue Martini (which sounds awesome!) for a dessert, something she said she makes all the time at her restaurant. Her martini offended Padma so much that the one mouthful she took ended up in her napkin. (You shouldn't oughta offend Padma's delicate taste buds!) If Ariane makes it all the time, it should have been swallowable at the very least. Why she didn't go home, I don't know. This was her second time at the bottom and her dish was napkined.
Fabio's winning Beef Carpaccio with grilled lemons and olives. The olives were referred to as spherecized (was that it?) which is treating the olives in some way that makes the outside harder and the inside softer, like an egg Fabio said.
Jill's Ostrich Egg Quiche. Apparently using exotic ingredients doesn't prevent one from creating an unoriginal failure. One diner said it looked like dog food - Ouch!

3 down.
Next week, a very special Foo Fighters Thanksgiving.
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David Dust said...

How do you say "Dreamy" in Italian?...

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Deneph said...

Fabio, uh I mean vago (according to babelfish)