Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Camping pics

Okay, here are the camping pictures you know you've been dying to see!
We camped at the Narrows Resort in Blue Lakes, just outside of Ukiah. While I would say that the word resort is a little misleading, it was a nice place to go to if you have tent campers as well as those who prefer a cabin. The sad and terribly adorable thing about this site was the amount of stray kittens in the area, there must have been about 50 kittens running all around waiting to steal your food.

Kittens of the corn!
(For some reason this pic won't enlarge, if it did you would see all their eyes are glowing. It's creepy yet cute.)

Ya gotta love a jar of moonshine!

Took my first jetski ride on this beauty. Too much fun! Next time we go camping we are definitly renting one! I'll try to get the video up soon.

Blue Lake pics...

The Fam hanging out

They had several boats you could rent, including these very neat peddle boats that Kelly's daughter and her friend rented.

The party moved to Lake Mendecino for the afternoon.

Kelly and Tim.

Jane and Syd

Jane makes a lovely ballerina!

Syd getting a ride.

I have to say I love this 'after' photo.

Doesn't everyone jetski with their dog?

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that after we got back from Lake Mendecino, two drunks tried to swim across Blue Lake and didn't quite make it. Several ambulances showed up and whisked one guy away and we hadn't heard about the second guy at that point. A couple of minutes later a rescue helicopter flew in and started hovering over the lake looking for the second guy. We heard the next morning the they had found him but we weren't told what condition he was in.
Kids, please don't drink and swim!


Kitt said...

Drink and drink instead, that's my motto. Looks like a fun trip! And great weather, too.

Deneph said...

It was a beautiful weekend, perfect weather the whole time. A nice way to cap off the summer. I forget how much I like camping, need to do more of it next year.
I made a great Smore pie!