Thursday, October 16, 2008

Project Runway...

So they had the finale last night and Leanne won. I can't argue that, she had some lovely clothes out there. Regardless of Kenley's personality and the possibility that she stole her ideas, I really did like her designs. They were fun and kicky. I really love this dress and wish I had one to wear for New Year's!

How much fun is this?! I just love it.

Well, I know the other gals are happy about who won, except maybe Carol who was rooting for Korto. I did like Korto's dresses more seeing them in action on the runway rather than just in photos. Aside from the colors Korto chose, I didn't think any of them had a real 'wow' factor though.

My other Kenley designed New Year's dress, once I lose that last 80 pounds.

Okay, so now that show is done for the season, bring on Top Chef! I'm having Colicchio withdrawl.

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