Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Carol!

Carol's birthday isn't until Friday but that didn't stop us from starting the party early. The Carol's Birthday Safety Meeting was held at Dora's and following a delicious lasagna dinner, we tucked our forks into Sawyer!

Sawyer cake!

A little dark but still tasty none the less. I would have tried to get a better picture taken without the flash had I consumed a bit less wine by that point, had a bigger viewer on the camera and was wearing my glasses.

This is the photo we gave to the bakery. (Merritt if you happen to have a special event coming up)

It goes without saying that Carol liked the cake and only slices cut from around the side of the photo were given out. The rest was all hers.

Happy Birthday Carol!

1 comment:

dora said...

Happy Birthday Carol ...

It was great celebrating your birthday with you and the gals.

So ... what did you do with Sawyer when you got him home girl?

Common on - DETAILS !!!

Was he sooooo good?