Sunday, October 12, 2008

A day at the races

Spent the day at Golden Gate Fields with Sue, Dora, Annalee and Sharon.
Had a great time and didn't put out that much money. Ya gotta love dollar day - dollar to get in, dollar to park, dollar program, dollar beer and hot dogs. Throw in a beautiful day and you can't beat it. Well, winning more would have been nice but you can't have everything.

The $3 lunch

This guy was great, not only did he play the usual starting trumpet bit but he also performed La Bamba, Celebrate and Tequila. I was the only one who yelled Tequila on cue and I could tell he appreciated it.

This is Top Broccoli, the only horse who helped me get some of my money back. This beauty paid me back $1.40 on a $2 bet. Yeah baby!
Broccoli rules!

We had great seats at the finish line.

Definitly going to have to go again.


Kitt said...

How fun! Did you get any pics of the horses crossing the line? I would just go crazy with my camera there.

Dee said...

Not any good pics. I tried a couple of times and then just enjoyed the races and used binoculars. I just got my fancy new, highly recommended camera yesterday so maybe better luck next time.